Did you know that...

UniStone or Stone Pavers are cheaper than asphalt over a 20 year period ???

Here's a table that would help you understand
This estimate is based on a 500 sf. surface

Based on 2020 prices

for an accurate price add about 7% increase per year

Based on an Estimate of
500 sf. surface
Unistone / Stone Pavers Asphalt

Cost (whole job)

Laying and Installation




Sealer application (asphalt),

Polymer Sand (pavers)
Process : Cleaning and redo all new polymer sand joints (renewal)
Cost : workforce, polymer sand and clean up (400$)
When : in 10 years (if needed)
Process : Application of an asphalt sealer
by a specialized company.
(Wait 48 hours before parking your car on asphalt)

Cost : (400$)
When : Every 2 years (recommended)

Task involved for fixing the problem

(Crack, Broken brick, oil stain from a car, Subsidence / pothole)

Broken brick/paver, crack or oil stain
Process :  replace/change the brick
Cost : 0$
We always leave a few more bricks when installing

Look : Original, cant see the difference

Subsidence / pothole
Process : collapsed section is removed, sand is leveled back and we lay down the brick (small repair)
Cost : normally covered by the warranty (3 years)
or around a 250$ repair (area of 50 sf)

Look : Original... cant see the difference!
Asphalt crack or oil stain
Process : Filling the crack with cold asphalt in a bag (DIY) or clean the oil stain with a degreaser/cleaner
Cost : 50$ to 100$
Look : The crack is filled but still appears, not so original. same thing for the oil stain !

Subsidence / pothole
Process : You can fix it by filling the hole with asphalt in a bag, but if the sag is too great given the infiltration of water, you must replace your asphalt
Cost : Fixing each hole/crack 150$ up to 300$++

Look : Not that great
Or else... replace the whole driveway $$$
Durability / Strength

Manufacturing of a block is done by the compression and compaction of different agregat like rock, granit and concrete. The paver block or unistone consists of a concrete mixture of gravel, sand, cement and water.

Dyes are then added. That’s what makes the different colors.  Easy color coordination with your home.

Stone pavers are known to be very durable and through time. Strength and endurance facing our harsh climate, resistance to the assault of our winters. Very tuff against  salt, water, ice, etc..

No special care other than add and broom polymeric sand at the beginning of each year to prevent the emergence of weeds , fill and seal cracks between blocks and make them even more solid and tight.

Asphalt consists of asphalt binder and mineral aggregate mixed together then laid down in layers and compacted. The hydrocarbon material that is used to create asphalt is actually derived from the waste material left over after the manufacture of gasoline, kerosene and diesel fuels. Asphalt is a by-product of what is left behind after the more desirable components of crude oil and petroleum have been harvested. One of these by-products, bitumen, is sometimes referred to as asphalt oil. Tar (extremely long chained petroleum) and a filler such as sand, crushed glass, coal ash, etc. can be used in this mixture

No other color than black is available. No color coordination possible with your home.

Not being a flexible material, asphalt becomes vulnerable to cracking due to it’s exposed surface. The asphalt thus requires preventive maintenance. By its chemical composition, we must prevent any inconvenience that may be caused by gasoline, oil, de-icing salt and heat.

Regular maintenance is required. You should seal cracks and protect the surface by applying every two years a coat of sealer. 

In fact, infiltration of water is the main cause of deterioration of asphalt pavements.

Life Span Life Span : Lifetime (more than 100 years)
Go see for yourself in the Old Montreal,
It dates back over 200 years !
Life Span : 10 years ... if you're very lucky…
without any sags, pothles, cracks or oil stains…
Do we need to talk about our roads !!!
Added Value Everybody knows that stone pavers bring an
 added value to your home.

When you'll sell your house the future buyer will see this added value and the benefits.
No added value whatsoever
Long Term Cost

Over a 10 year period
Cost (whole job)          11500$
Maintenance                   400$
Fixing problems               250$
(That's normal)

Total cost    12150$

Over a 20 year period
Cost (whole job)          11500$
Maintenance                   800$
Fixing problems              500$
Replacing polymeric sand         1500$           

Pot holes fixing 50 sf

Total Cost      14300$

Your pavers are still good


Over a 10 year period
Cost (whole job)          4000$
Maintenance                2000$
Fixing problems             500$
(...and you are very lucky)

Total cost    6500$
Over a 20 year period
Cost (whole job)          4000$
Maintenance                4000$
  Fixing problems           1000$ 
(after 10-12 years you need to redo the whole job)

Complete job                 8000$
(Cracks, sag or discoloration)

Total Cost    17000$

We'll see each other in 12-15 years $$

Conclusion The advantage of installing stone pavers are considerable if you calculate all the cost involved:
  • purchasing (whole job)
  • care and prevention
  • ease of repair and durability.
The paving stone is there... for Life!

If you take into account the facts that it adds more value to your property and a unique look …
Your choice is logical!


The cost of purchasing asphalt is attractive to many
 Although it is affordable, maintenance is more expensive
 and its useful life is way more limited than the stone pavers.

 Many people dont take into consideration that they must replace in part or entirely the asphalt within a period ranging between 10 and 20 years

 The look in general is in no way comparable to the stone pavers. In the long term asphalt is not the best choice, you will pay much more than your initial investment.


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